RLY Network Unity SDK
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Get Started - Rally Protocol

Generate your API key

Navigate to app.rallyprotocol.com to generate API keys for both Amoy and production Polygon.



// Amoy Network (Polygon Testnet Amoy)
var amoy = NetworkProvider.RlyAmoy;
// Polygon Network (Polygon Mainnet)
var mainnet = NetworkProvider.RlyPolygon;

Initiating a Gasless Transaction

Once you have installed RallyMobile SDK, initialize it with your Amoy API Key.


// get Amoy config for Rally Protocol SDK
var amoy = NetworkProvider.RlyAmoy;
// add your API Key (can also be chained)
// claim 10 test RLY tokens gaslessly for testing
await amoy.ClaimRly();
// get balance of specified token
await amoy.GetBalance(tokenAddress);
// transfer an ERC20 token
await amoy.Transfer(
new BigInteger(1),

Calling Contracts Not Natively Supported by the SDK

Supported Contracts

The SDK allows sending transactions to the relayer API for contracts not supported by the SDK. The paymaster accepts two types of contracts:

  1. ERC2771 compatible contracts
  2. Non ERC2771 compatible contracts

Using the Relay Function to Call Contracts

To gaslessly execute a transaction on a supported contract, create a GSN transaction object for your transaction and use the relay() method to send the transaction to our relayer.


// Example Unity code for relaying a transaction
var gsnTx = new GsnTransactionDetails(
from: accountAddress,
data: tx.data,
value: "0",
to: contractAddress,
gas: gas.ToString(),
maxFeePerGas: maxFeePerGas.ToString(),
maxPriorityFeePerGas: maxPriorityFeePerGas.ToString(),
await amoy.Relay(gsnTx)


View the community libraries for more gasless transaction references.